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Veganism in general

Vegetarian and vegan food help the environment by reducing the worldwide demand for meat. Apart from the appalling conditions under which meat is produced on an industrial scale, it is also a major factor in global warming: cattle breeding emits more CO2-equivalents than all global traffic combined.


True sustainability is a global issue. We avoid long distance transports of raw materials by sourcing our major ingredients only in Europe: Organic
wheat protein for Wheaty products comes from Germany and its neighbouring countries. Rainforest areas are not involved in the sourcing of our raw materials.


We are a member of 
the Vegan Society.


Organic high-oleic sunflower oil

TOPAS uses only high-oleic variations of sunflower oil which are very rich in oleic acid. High-Oleic organic sunflower oil is especially suitable for roasting and deep-frying, as it doesn’t produce toxic acrolein when heated. Our sunflower oil is made up of at least 80 % of this unsaturated oleic acid. The sunflowers for our oil are cultivated in southern Europe, predominantly in Hungary.

Rock Salt

We use only rock salt in our products, no sea salt. Rock salt tends to be less contaminated than sea salt. 

Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

We go through great lengths to make sure GMOs have no chance of entering our production chain. Our products are examined frequently for residues of GMOs.

Wheaty is...

...good for the environment,
as it is vegan and organic.

...good for the global climate.

...good for the consumer, 
as ingredients are selected
with great care. 

... certified organic 
and subject to the strict requirements
that come with these certifications. 
You can learn more about the organic standard on its official web site.