Climate protection

Helping replace meat, one dish at a time. A vegan or vegetarian diet helps the environment by reducing the worldwide demand for meat. Apart from the appalling conditions under which it is produced on an industrial scale, meat is also a major factor in global warming: cattle breeding emits more CO2 equivalents than all global traffic combined.

As many locally sourced ingredients as possible

We avoid long distance transports of raw materials by sourcing our major ingredients only in Europe: the organic wheat protein for Wheaty products comes from Germany and its neighbouring countries. For the ingredients that can’t be grown in our part of the world, we avoid sourcing raw materials that affect rainforest areas. This includes palm oil.

Why we do not use palm oil

Palm oil is a cheap vegetable oil and ubiquitous in the modern food industry. The problem with it is that its cultivation necessitates the deforestation of gigantic rainforest areas, destroying ecosystems, living space for human beings, and the natural habitat of countless animals, for example Orang-Utans in Borneo (pictured above.) For this reason, Wheaty products are (and have always been) free from palm oil. In its stead, we use organic coconut oil and high-quality High-oleic sunflower oil, which is especially suited for frying.