Few people know that Seitan is not some recent vegan fad; it has a centuries-old tradition in East Asia. Buddhist monks started separating the protein from wheat flour, and boiling it in a brew of water, soy sauce, and spices. Seitan has had a place in Asia’s range of meat alternatives ever since.

25 years ago, after a decade pioneering Tofu and organic foods in Germany, we started introducing this delicacy to the German market – but our product range, “Wheaty”, was adapted to Western tastes from the start, inspired by well-known meat products.

This year, on our 25th anniversary, we look back and present to you a product that comes as close to the traditional product as possible – to pay homage to those who developed and cultivated this genius idea over the centuries.

Unlike in the Buddhist monastery, our traditional Seitan is kneaded, cut, and packaged by machines: no other method would be even remotely sustainable in the modern world. Other than that, however, our traditional Seitan is largely true to the original recipe and also features its typically high percentage of protein: over 30 percent.

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