Gently fry the Wheaty VEGANKEBAB Gyros in some hot oil until it’s crispy.

Dice the onions and add them.

Mix the almond butter with the soy sauce and a little water and deglaze.

Add the spices and the almonds and taste (and season appropriately).

Wash the cauliflower and cut into small florets. Peel the potatoes and cut into large cubes (approx. 2 cm).

Wash the coriander and coarsely chop.

Heat up some oil in a pan and briefly fry the mustard seeds and the sesame seeds. Careful: The seeds will jump about!

Add the cauliflower and potato bits and steam for about 45 mins by keeping the the lid on and the pot on a low heat setting. If needed, att a little oil and water.

Before serving, add the coriander and mix well. Season with some salt.