Merguez in a paprika cover:

Cut the paprikas sideways about half way, carefully remove the seeds and the partitioning skin. Place the merguez inside and close it again and fix in place with a wooden skewer. Lightly fry each side in a pan with oil.

Merguez in a aubergine cover:

Wash the aubergines and slice longways in slices of about 2 cm. Lightly salt and leave the aubergines to set. Dry the escaping fluid off with some kitchen roll.

Mix the wheat flour with the sesame. Dredge the aubergine in the flour-sesame mix and lightly fry in hot olive oil. Remove the fat with some kitchen roll.

Finely chop the parsley, mushrooms and garlic up. Peel the carrots and grate them. Fold them in together with the grated lemon peel. Briefly heat up in very little olive oil. Thicken with the out flakes and finally spread the mixture on one side of the aubergine slices. Keep warm.

Flip the merguez in the flour-sesame mixture and fry in hot oil. Dry off the fat with a kitchen towel. Roll the sausages inside the aubergine slices and fix with a wooden skewer.

If you want, you can flambé the dish with high-proof brandy.

Coconut & potato mash:

Wash the potatoes, peel them, cut into bits and cook in some salt water until done. Dran the water and let the potatoes sit.

Heat up the coconut milk and pour over the potatoes, also add some olive oil. Season with salt and nutmeg and then process with a potato masher.

For serving, place the potato mash in the middle of a platter, add the paprika with the merguez filling and garnish with some rosemary twigs.