Cut the mushrooms into large bits. Peel the garlic and shallots and coarsely chop them. Heat the oil up in a tall pot and briefly fry the garlic and shallots. Add the mushrooms when they are light brown.

Mix well and braise for two minutes and regularly stir. Add a little white wine and stir again. Cook for a further two minutes and then pour water in, but only until the mushrooms are covered.

Add the Spelt-Cuisine and the yeast flakes, mix everything with a mixer or hand blender to get a thick soup. If needed, season eg. with Tabasco.

For the crisps: Cut the smoked VEGANSLICES into (32) triangles. Heat up a little olive oil in a pan (the oil needs to be hot!) and lightly fry each triangle on each side for 2-3 minutes.

Serve the soup on a plate or bowl and add a few Wheaty crisps.