Cook the potatoes (with the peel still on), but not until they are completely soft. Then peel them and let them cool off. Carefully cut each one into four slices.

Mix the semolina with 3/4 of the vegan cheese, the oat flakes and some olive oil. The mixture shouldn’t be too solid.

Add the rosemary needles, pepper, garlic and some salt.

Lay down the 8 potato slices, place half a slice of the VEGANSLICES on top. Add a little pile of the semolina mix. Then place the other half of the Smoked slices on top. Then place the remaining potato slices on top. Fix with a wooden skewer.

Mix some flour and the remaining cheese. Carefully turn over the potato slices in them and fry both sides in hot olive oil.

Alternative: spinkle some grated cheese over the potato sandwiches and bake on a grill or in the oven.

A great addition: some crunchy lamb’s lettuce!