Cook the tagliatelle according to the instructions given on the packaging.

Heat up the margarine, fold in the breadcrumbs and briefly roast. When serving, sprinkle over the noodles.

Heat up some olive oil for the tomato sauce. Sauté the diced onions and the garlic. Then add the tomato puree and heat up (at low heat). Dredge with some flour and briefly toast the ingredients. Add the diced tinned tomatoes and let the food boil down for 10 minutes whilst regularly stirring. You should get a creamy consistency. Add Aceto Balsamico and herbs (if you want, you can also add chilli). Briefly bring the pot to a boil and season with salt, pepper and sugar.

Heat up the Rosemary-Roulade in the tomato sauce. Peel the onion and cut into thin slices. Turn repeatedly in flour and paprika powder and some salt. Then briefly fry in very hot oil. Leave them to drain when done.

Garnish by placing on the Rosemary-Roulade when done.