Peel the manioc, cut into thicker slices and cook together with the lightly squashed garlic and the bay leaf in salted water for 25-30 minutes.

Remove the manioc sticks from the water and let them cool off a little. In the meantime, peel the onions, gently squash the garlic and braise in a pan (with alba oil) until translucent. Add the paprika powder, vegetable stock and the peeled tomatoes and let the dish cook for 15 minutes. Season with lemon, salt, pepper and sugar. Let the dish cool off when done.

Heat up the frying oil (160°) in a pot and bake the manioc sticks until they are nice and crispy. Season the sticks with salt and pepper. Braise the VEGAN Holiday Roast slices in a grilling pan and serve with the manioc sticks and some BBQ sauce.

A tip of ours: Alba oil is a rapeseed oil mixture from Sweden and is one of the highlights of the vegan kitchen. It has a buttery aroma that no other oil can achieve. Due to the high intensity of the aroma, we recommend a ratio of mixture: 1/4 alba oil + 3/4 neutral rapeseed oil.